Friday 14 June 2013

Work in progress . . .

. . . or it was, about fifteen years ago!

Look what I found!  I'm really delighted, it was such a nice surprise. I think the design is called Persian Garden but when I dug out this mini rug by accident yesterday - from the pine chest where I keep a stash of fabrics and trimmings - there was no pattern with it. Fortunately there's not much of the border left to do and I can follow what's already there. The rug measures 16.5 cm (6.5 in) in length and will be ideal for the sitting room upstairs over the shop. 

This was my first attempt using embroidery silks (floss) instead of 2-ply tapestry wool  (yes, there were actually four more rugs lurking in the chest) however, with exception of the pink rose design below, I confess I don't much care for the others. 

They're stitched on a coarser canvas and seem clumsy by comparison (I was so clearly a novice!). They'll probably end up rolled up and leaning in a corner of Charlie Brennan's secondhand shop.

This (above) was the first and worst. But I can't have been discouraged because I went on and finished two more in wool. I wish I could remember where the patterns came from, I'm sure I didn't work without a guide.

Hmm, orange and green could prove difficult to place.

The Tree of Life is quite cute but possibly a bit folksy for the Brennans. Perhaps it'll go to the lodger. Lodger's rooms are often the last refuge of odd bits and pieces of furniture. 

By the way, the warm glow is due to the fact that I took these shots out of doors under our peachy-coloured sun umbrella.

To help me decide their fate, the mini rugs must be blocked, ie damped and nailed down on a board so that they will dry straight and square, not all cock-eyed and wavy as they are now. I shall do that job over the weekend - finishing the Persian Garden may take a little longer.



  1. I love all rugs you showed and would say that the Persian and Tree of Life are my favorite. You also can block them before finishing to correct the shape. Very beautifully done! Mini hugs, Natalia

    1. Hi Natalia, Thanks for your kind comment. I've visited your blog and seen all your amazing mini work. You're as talented with the scroll saw as you are with your embroidery needle and I'm truly flattered that you think my carpets aren't too bad! They are being blocked at present while we enjoy a (no doubt brief) heat wave here in England - that should help them to dry out thoroughly. BTW - love your contemporary chairs and table too. Chas