Sunday, 23 September 2012

A new dimension

Today it's been pouring with rain, so no chance of doing any more sanding outside. The blue shop front is a real chore with seemingly endless moulding to tidy up around each window but I suppose it is the most ornate feature of the building and the rest should should be comparatively quick and easy (touch plywood!). I have also primed the small flat roof section in dark blue and off- white. Yesterday I assembled it temporarily with the house front taped into position behind.

 Well, that gave it a completely new dimension, as you can see.

My next task is to work out the wiring, so when I go shopping for all the technical stuff next month I should know exactly what to get and where it will go (hmm!). Studying a flat plan is OK up to a point but there comes a time when a 3D survey is necessary. With the help of a few strips of masking tape, the possibilities and snags become clear. In the case of the shop window, I was pleased to discover the hidden space directly above the display area. It's ideal for concealed lighting, although care will be needed with the wiring on the hinged sections (this house has a side opening too, which swings back to reveal the stairs and a narrow glimpse of the first two storeys).

The caboodle in this post consists entirely of paintings. Uncovering the things I've collected is like a mini-Xmas and certainly a spur to getting the project done. 

I showed one example of my mother's work last time and here are four of her finished pictures, all oils. The other item is an unusual find I made one year at Kensington, beautifully painted by Aartje Derksen; it's a Dutch seaman's chest (the lid has been propped up to show the traditional design). These are part of Charlie Brennan's antique stock, currently jostling for space in the shop with mundane objects like army boots, paraffin heaters and job-lots of china plates. We can only hope they'll find a safe home, one day.


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